Beat the supermarkets at their own game and SAVE MONEY

Find the specials, pick the cheapest, shop and SAVE $$'s

MyGroceries is an online shopping list app that saves you money by displaying this weeks specials from Coles, Woolworths, BWS and LiquorLand realtime as you create your shopping list.

Access and edit your grocery list from any device, then check off items using your web enabled phone in the store.

  • Edit your shopping list anywhere, anytime
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Email alerts for your choice of keywords
  • Auto-Complete: Start typing what you want to buy, and MyGroceries will show you this weeks specials
  • The whole family can edit the same shopping list (might want to exclude the kids with a password!)
  • No annoying signup - Just enter your email address (and optional password) and you're away!
  • Auto-refreshes your grocery list when you're on the go
  • Saves previously entered items. Saves you time when entering the same items especially via phone
  • Works great on many web enabled mobile phones
  • Save the environment! Reduce paper wastage